97X.fm FAQ

Q: What is 97X.fm? What is WIXL?

A: 97X.fm is the snappy name for a new FM radio station that is broadcasting at 97.1.
WIXL is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) call sign for the new station.

Q: Is there a need for another FM radio station in Madison? Who is the target audience?

A: Yes, there is an opportunity to provide a 24 hour Christian music station aimed at a younger target audience than typical Christian radio stations.

Q: What is the age of the target audience?

A: The goal is to reach an audience in the age range of 12 to 36 years old.

Q: What type of music is played on the station?

A: You can click here to listen to the music.
The style is energetic, contemporary Christian music.

Q: Well, what about WNWC? Are you going to compete with them?

A: 97X.fm is not in competition with WNWC. WNWC has a different target audience, and is part of a large network that reaches across the United States.

97X.fm is intended to reach the local community served by City Church.

Q: What else is different about 97X.fm?

A: The goal for 97X.fm is to provide a positive alternative to secular stations often preferred by high school and college students, and young adults. This would be a unique outreach to both the community and City Church since it is available 24 hours a day.
Radio (over the air, and to a lesser extent on-line) can go where other ministries can’t. It is a constant, professional presence on the radio dial. One of the advantages of having a 24-hour presence in the middle of the FM dial is that listeners in their cars will stumble upon the station when pressing SCAN on their radios.

Q: How will this help City Church or Abundant Life Christian School or Campus For Kids? What is the ministry potential?

A: The broadcasts of 97X.fm may include:

  • Brief excerpts of sermons from City Church pastors to attract listeners to the full podcasts, and ultimately to attendance at services.
  • Live broadcasts of City Church Sunday services.
  • Live play-by-play coverage of Abundant Life Christian School sports.
  • Local newscasts.
  • On-air promotion of upcoming City Church events.
  • Training/practice in production and announcing for Abundant Life Christian School students.
  • On-line chats to facilitate initial contact with LCC (virtual small groups that would lead to in-person small groups).
  • A "testimonial" phone line where (brief) recorded praise reports or prayer requests could be packaged for airing.
  • Financial support partially provided by sponsorship from local businesses, similar to Public Television announcements. (Commercials are not allowed.)
  • Occasional scheduled features aimed at other people groups (Latino, Hmong, Muslim, for example).

Q: What is a Low Power fm Station?

A: In 2000, the Federal Communications Commission authorized a new radio service called Low-Power FM (LPFM). LPFM was a response to what was seen as the consolidation of radio station ownership leading to fewer broadcast "voices" in communities.
For example, only three companies now own all 16 commercial radio stations in Madison. LPFM stations are only be available to non-profit entities, especially educational institutions, and are only be allowed to operate non-commercially. The stations operate at lower power than standard FM stations and cover a radius of 3 to 7 miles, compared with 15-60 miles of higher powered stations. They were meant to serve smaller communities, or portions of larger cities.

Q: All of this sounds rather complicated. Do the people working on this project understand radio technology or even how to broadcast an FM signal ?

A: Yes! There is an actual FCC licensed broadcast engineer on the project team who has experience with both television and radio transmissions.

Q: I have a great idea for some programming content, how can I get onto the air?

A: 97X.fm is an outreach of City Church. Individuals who are interested in developing programming for the station should work through a ministry area of the church. To find out more, Contact us!!

Q: I am a musician with awesome music that I want to get played on the radio, how do I submit it?

A: We will review submissions, and if they are consistant with the format of the station, we can add it to the play list. Artists, Agents, and Labels are welcome to mail CDs of music to this address. Materials submitted for review will not be returned.

Q: I am really interested in helping this radio station. How can I help the station stay on the air?

A: You may make a tax deductible contribution or become a sponsor. Please check the Sponsor page for more information, or click Donate!

Q: This is interesting! I have some other questions. Where can I get more information ?

A: You can click here to contact the Volunteer Staff or to receive answers to your questions.